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Pick a Plan that Works for Your Business Model

Planning is the cornerstone to a successful imaging department.













Need help cleaning up your imaging department?

Someone objective and non-bias to come in and do what needs done?

20+ years experience in healthcare field.

8+ years in radiology management.

I have been in healthcare for over 20+ years. Working my up through the laboratory, ICU, radiology and administration – I see how it all flows together.

Let me evaluate your radiology department and remove the waste, bring back equilibrium, and get your financial engine roaring again!

Time is money. Let’s get to work on your imaging department now!

– Ron Jones

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You can contact me directly via email using info@TheRadiologicTechnologist.com

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148 Blue Lakes Blvd N

Unit 104

Twin Falls, ID 83301

Online Hours

M-F: 9am – 7pm

Sat: 10am – 7pm

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